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    1966 Hotel Chelsea Up for Sale


    by NTDTelevision

    It has housed some of the world's most famous artists, including Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Sid Vicious, Arthur C. Clarke, Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan. Now the famous, or infamous, Hotel Chelsea is up for sale.

    It may seem like an ordinary building, but New York's infamous Hotel Chelsea is anything but.

    It's where Dylan Thomas died of alcohol poisoning and where Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

    It's also where Arthur C. Clarke wrote "2001: A Space Odyessy" and where Andy Warhol filmed "Chelsea Girls."

    Hotel manager Arnold Tamasar:

    [Arnold Tamasar, Chelsea Hotel Manager]:
    "It's been here for quite a long time and it's a haven for a lot of artists and musicians who choose this location to come to really be the best that they can be in their own arts."

    And now the New York landmark is up for sale.

    The 12-story Queen Anne style building is 128 years old. It was given landmark status in 1966, meaning whoever buys it cannot make major structural changes.

    The building now houses 101 apartments and 125 hotel rooms.

    Sleeping in the 2 bedroom suite where Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller once lived will cost you $429 U.S. dollars a night.

    Or Madonna's former suite for about $329.

    Current Hotel Chelsea resident and novelist David Linter described the hotel as a place where you can be yourself.

    [David Linter, Novelist]:
    "The thing that always made this place unique for me was that it was a place of real tolerance. All kinds of unusual people with very specific peccadilloes and what-have-yous lived here and came through this place, and liked that. I liked that nobody cared. If you wanted to be quiet, you could be quiet and nobody bothered you. If you wanted to dance around or whatever, nobody cared about that either. Everybody was really cool about who you were or how you wanted to be and that for me meant the world."

    A price tag is yet to be placed on the sale.