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    Typhoon Megi Kills 15 in Philippines


    by NTDTelevision

    Typhoon Megi batters the Philippines, killing 15 and leaving coastal towns in ruins.Damage estimates run in the billions.

    Typhoon Megi has left 15 people dead in the Philippines.

    Coastal towns in Isabela province lie in ruins after being pummeled by 175 kph winds.

    The super typhoon affected around 330,000 people, damaged at least 6,000 homes, and caused around 3.8 billion dollars of damage.

    Members of the U.S. military, who were conducting exercises with their Philippine counterparts, visited Isabela province Wednesday to assess the damage -- and to determine how they can help.

    [Zachary Smith, U.S. Marines Medical Planner]:
    "We're just going to look at the damage, see what response we can provide in assistance to the local disaster response teams."

    Many local townsfolk have stayed put, saying they are used to flooding.

    But they pray the situation will not get worse.

    [Naty Samaniego, Hermosa Resident]:
    "We're afraid too, and we're praying to God that a typhoon like Ketsana won't happen again."

    Ketsana was the largest typhoon to hit the Philippines during the 2009 storm season, leaving at least 24 people dead.

    But now Typhoon Megi has passed, and locals must gather what's left and look to the future.