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    Einstein Expresses Himself at Taiwan Robot Show


    by NTDTelevision

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    A robot modeled in the image of a young Albert Einstein is drawing crowds at Taiwan's International Robot Show which opened this week. The robot can display multiple facial expressions to show seven different emotions.

    They can dance and they can sing but only one of the robots on display at this year's Taiwan Robot Fair can express an opinion.

    Designed by electrical engineering professor Ren C. Luo, he is called a "Luohead," created in the image of a young and very expressive Albert Einstein.

    The Einstein robot can emulate seven different human emotions, including joy, disgust, and astonishment.

    [Professor Ren C. Luo, Electrical Engineer]:
    "There is a camera system installed in the eyes, and in the robot's face there are installed 36 motors, and every single one of the motors can take 256 positions. Like this -- the robot can create very many different facial expressions."

    Luo's robot has been designed to look like Einstein at 27 years of age, when he published his famous Theory of Relativity. The professor and his students plan to give him a body and legs so he can walk, although Einstein himself seems to have mixed feelings about the idea.