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    Dr. Robert Steele vs John Dingell Accountability 2010 Elect


    by robsteeleforcongress

    JOHN DINGELL HAS LOST HIS WAY!!! John Dingell has lost his way and can't find his way back to his constituents whom he promised to represent. He has done quite the opposite - he voted against the will of the people on the health care bill (I guess if you are the co-author of the bill, you'd better vote for it!) The impact of this website has actually been a very positive thing for Dr. Steele. People are SICK AND TIRED of nasty political rhetoric and aren't buying what you're trying to sell John!

    JOHN DINGLELL: A LIAR!!! Rob Steele Says: John Dingell is trying to define my policy positions in repetitive ads that are simply not true. Team Dingell is littering this FB page with these false statements, declaring that to be their reason for not supporting me. I cannot address all these lies, but I can ask you all to give your statement of truth and why you support me. Go!