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World's Biggest Enchilada

7 years ago303 views

Mexico City sets a world record for the largest enchilada, a traditional Mexican dish. And how did they make it? Let's take a look.

Mexico City has given new meaning to the expression "the whole enchilada."

Weighing almost a ton and a half, residents of Iztapalapa crafted the 70 meter Mexican dish -- now considered the world's biggest enchilada.

But Chef Pablo Hernandez de Alba said it was a hefty undertaking.

[Pablo Hernandez de Alba, Chef]:
"The hardest thing was figuring out how to make the tortilla, how to do it so we didn't have to turn it over, so it wouldn't break."

The secret to their success? This machine -- devised by a local tortilla shop to help unravel the extensive corn-based flat bread.

An assembly line of helpers then loaded the giant wrap with chicken, vegetables, cheese and sauce before sealing the mega meal and firing up the grill.

Guinness World Records representative Ralph Hannah verified its authenticity.

[Ralph James Hannah, Guinness World Records Representative]:
"This is the first time someone's established this record. People have tried this before in Mexico and in the United States but they couldn't fulfill the rules to have a record."

After establishing the record, everyone jumped in to grab a piece of the prized pie.

This year marked the eighth year for the town's annual enchilada fair.