Kirby's Epic Yarn - E3 2010 Interview

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Still on the fence about Kirby’s Epic Yarn? Check out GameZombie’s E3 2010 interview with Ed Murray, a localization writer for the game! Murray explains how the game’s entirely new art style affects the game play, including an explanation for the decision to remove Kirby’s ability to inhale. The new art style also constantly offers unique ways to interact with the game’s environment, from unzipping buildings to unraveling enemies. Players can even bring a friend along to help Kirby tackle the game’s challenges! Kirby’s Epic Yarn hit store shelves on October 18th. Make sure you don’t miss this transformation of one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises! Executive Producer: Spencer Striker & Andrew Benninghoff Film: Mike Meloy & John Bukacek Editor: Max Madsen Music: Kristi Nuemann Producer: Thomas Schulenberg