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    Typhoon Megi Leaves Northern Philippine Towns in Ruins


    by NTDTelevision

    Northern Philippine provinces have been advised to remain vigilant as Typhoon Megi stays put in the north-west with more rains expected. Residents are reconstructing their homes and rice farmers are counting their losses.

    Rural towns in the northern Philippines are on alert after warnings that heavy rains from Typhoon Megi could continue through the night.

    Megi left rural towns in the farming province of Isabela in ruins as it barrelled past with strong winds, blowing away rooftops and destroying homes made of light materials.

    Downed trees, house appliances, and roof sheets littered the streets, as residents were busy reconstructing their homes. Walls were splattered with mud and windows lay cracked.

    Power has not been restored.

    On Tuesday soldiers joined residents in clearing fallen trees and patching up houses that had lost their roofing and walls.

    Officials said some towns facing east to the Pacific Ocean remained unreachable.

    Most houses appeared to have been destroyed after Megi hit land as a category 5 super typhoon with winds in excess of 150 miles per hour on Monday.

    Isabela's provincial officials estimated that the typhoon also affected 385,000 tons of rice crops, as it came at the peak of harvest season in one of the country's main rice growing provinces.

    Farmers living in Roxas tried in vain to rescue their crops, but are already counting their losses. Large swathes of rice fields in the largely flat province were inundated.

    The farm ministry assessed that at least 105,000 tons of the Cagayan valley's rice crop had been destroyed.

    The national disaster agency put the death toll so far at 10, a low tally for such a strong typhoon in the country.