Comfortable Bedding for a Good Night Sleep

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A good nights sleep can cure a lot of things beside tiredness. It can sometimes head off a cold, relieve body aches and at times cure a bad hair day. A good nights sleep will increase your alertness, bolster your memory, reduce the risk of depression and can even help to lose weight. The benefits of sleep are many and not just to escape the world.
A lot of things contribute to a good nights sleep, but one of the main contributing factors is comfortable bedding. If the sheets are too stiff or scratchy or the blankets are too heavy, your sleep could be interrupted. If there are not enough blankets to keep warm, the sleeper will probably awaken with cold feet or a runny nose during the night. If the pillow is too hard, to soft, too old or just plain to small, a good nights sleep will be hard to come by. If the bedding material is made of fabrics the sleeper is allergic to, good luck getting a good nights sleep.