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Formule Renault Onboard Charade under rain

il y a 8 ans260 views

FR Classic race at Charade circuit 1st May 2010

Charade is one of the most beautiful track in existence, a rather old circuit where no modern racing happens any more. Four kilometres long, all going up and down, with the "Puy du Dome" silent volcano appearing in the background. A broken engine in qualifying meant 10th position on the grid. Beside this, the heat exchanger of the turbo engine quickly started to leak which meant loosing power, the leak increased until the heat exchanger finally broke brutally in two parts after 4 laps, resulting in a virtually powerless engine and a retirement.
That was the race on Saturday, which appeared after all as "a very good day" when knowing what would happen in the Sunday race... (if you wish to know, search for "Fast & Crash Formule Renault Onboard Charade")
Car : Martini Formule Renault MK 30/36 - Driver : Jean Donnay

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Formule Renault Onboard Charade under rain
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