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    Let's dance - Rumba


    by worldinmotionHD

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    High Definition dance footage from the BBC.

    Rumba is a family of song, dance and rhythms that began in Cuba as a combination of the musical traditions of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves and Spanish colonizers.

    The name derives from the Cuban Spanish word rumbo which means spree of party.

    Carlos Vidal Bolado (better known simply as Carlos Vidal) was the first to commercially record authentic folkloric rumba.

    The term spread in the 30s and 40s to the faster popular music of Cuba, where it was used as a catch-all term, rather as salsa today. Also, the term is used in the international Latin-American dance syllabus, where it is a misnomer: the music used for this slower dance is the bolero-son. Ballroom rumba, or rhumba, is basically son and not based on the authentic folkloric rumba. Similarly, the African style of pop music called African Rumba or soukous is also son-based.