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    Keeping Up With The Now Revolution


    by WebProNews

    Businesses have encountered and adjusted to many changes in communication over time. Although social media is one of the biggest shifts in communication, businesses are having a harder time implementing it. According to Amber Naslund of Radian6, businesses have integrated the telephone, fax machine, and email, but have yet to fully embrace social media.

    “We’re a little obsessed with the tools themselves instead of just the notion of what they do,” says Naslund.

    Businesses also struggle with the real-time aspect of social media. They are not used to the fact that they need to raise their standards and keep up with the speed of “now.” In order for a business to be effective in real-time, Naslund believes that it starts internally. As she puts it, today, every employee has to be a marketer and every customer is a potential reporter.

    Incidentally, all these topics are discussed in Naslund’s new book, The Now Revolution. It details the 7 different shifts that businesses