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    Moon Patrol Gameplay


    by GameGirl34

    Moon Patrol's a horizontal driving/shooting game where the player controls a moon buggy, viewing it from the side, that travels over the moon's surface. While driving it must avoid obstacles such as craters and mines. The buggy is also attacked by U.F.O.s from above and tanks on the ground. The enemies on the ground are: Craters and Rocks, land mines, boulders, tanks, rocket cars, and space plants. The enemies in the air are: Regular alien craft, Elliptical alien craft, and Tri Orb alien craft. There are 2 types of courses, beginning course and champion course. This game was originally manufactured by Irem, but was licensed to Williams in the U.S. Oldclassicgame's playing this one, how about you? I like some of these classic games, the problem was I never got the chance to play because I had to be in school at that time when I was younger.