Dancing Tax Collectors in the Philippines


by NTDTelevision

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And now for something completely different -- dancing tax collectors in the Philippines. And no, this isn't just a few over-energetic individuals -- it's a city wide policy.

The dance craze in the Philippines has hit tax agencies in Cebu City, where collectors break out a few moves in a campaign to raise revenues.

The treasurer's office in Cebu City say they wanted to see happy rather than sad faces on taxpayers.

In a dance-crazy city like Cebu, where video of Filipino prisoners imitating Michael Jackson shot to Internet stardom fame, Cebu's tax collectors wanted in on the action.

The city treasurer says they doubled their daily collection in business and real estate taxes just days after they launched their routine a week ago.

[Emily Alegrado, Cebu Resident]:
"At least the tax payers will be encouraged to pay their taxes, thanks to these dancing employees."

The tax collectors also seem to enjoy it.

[Jofrey Guanzon, Tax Collector]:
"We're very much happy. We're enjoy -- all of us. We're very unexpected. It's only one day practice just to, to give the best of our, sort of gratitude to tax payers through dancing."

On a national scale, the government has launched a high-profile campaign against suspected tax evaders to increase government funds.

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