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    World of Warcraft Death Knight pvp 80 talent builds guide


    by Branko

    1 468 views World of Warcraft Death Knight is a great class for pvp 80 talent builds leveling with a lot of nice abilities like a pet, great damaging spells, plate armor and heavy normal attacks. The talent trees are Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

    Once you have created your Death Knight you will see that you have no talent points yet. That can be quite weird for a level 55 character but you shouldn’t worry. The quests in and around the Ebon Hold will all give you talent points. But how exactly should you use these to level up your Death Knight really fast?

    What you are looking for while leveling is a build that allows you to continue fighting and speed you up in any other way possible. That’s the reason why I say that a Blood/Unholy build would be the best for leveling

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