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    Sacred Whispers (Trailer) by Constantinos Isaias


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    Thesis Film. The story takes place back in the 60s'. Thomas Smith had a very religious upbringing. His mother was quite abusive in many ways and forbade him from pursuing, enjoying his passion: Music. This suppression, has turned Thomas into a deprived individual. Therefore he grows up to be a tormented soul, having to fight with his demons trying desperately to find salvation! The message of this short film is one against racism and discrimination. This film shows how sometimes family, society and extremities such as religious fanaticism can lead to racism. No one is born a racist.
    And I'm thinking of how beautiful our life would be without discrimination, without comparison: as we are all the same, an integral part of one another and of the great big:ONE.

    *Actors:David Hardie, Alexia Vassiliou, Monika Hummel, Austin Mensch, Ernest Pierce, Ania Russel, Lyla Wood, Eric Paul Kelly, James Bland, Alain Singaye, Naim Omari, Justin Johanson