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    Mexico sets world record for largest enchilada


    by ODN


    What's 230 feet long, weighs almost a ton and a half and can feed hundreds?

    It's the world's largest enchilada which was just created in Mexico City.

    Residents of the humble neighborhood of Iztapalapa created the meal during their local eigth annual Enchilada Fair.

    Chef Pablo Hernandez de Alba said it was tricky to figure out how to turn the tortilla without it breaking.

    "The hardest thing was figuring out how to make the tortilla, how to do it so we didn't have to turn it over, so it wouldn't break," he said.

    A local tortilla shop named Calderon created a special machine that would roll out dough to create the extensive tortilla.

    Guinness World Records representative Ralph Hannah verified the record.

    "This is the first time someone establishes this record. People have tried this before in Mexico and in the United States but they couldn't fulfill the rules to have a record," Hannah said.

    Enchiladas are tortilla shells filled with beef, vegetables, cheese and sauce and are served warm.