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    My Heart Belongs To You by Hayley Westenra



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    Juja Georgieva
    My Little Angel

    The day you were born,
    was one of the happiest day of my life.
    I have always believed in angels and I always thought they lived in heaven.
    But the day you were born and I saw you there, so innocent, so fragile,
    I was afraid to touch you and hurt you.
    I believe angels are not only in heaven but on earth also.
    At that moment I had more reasons to believe how wonderful God is.
    If we believe how wonderful God is.
    If we believe in him and keep him always in our hearts,
    he'll send us an angel to watch over us.
    And that's you my little angel!
    There were times I needed to talk to someone
    and even though you were so young and did not understand anything,
    you would just look at me and smile,
    like telling me not to worry.
    You were always there for me.
    You made believe that God is always with us; therefore, I can see God in you.
    Juja Georgieva5 yıl önce