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    Armenia unveils the world's biggest chocolate bar.


    by ODN


    Armenia has celebrated the country's first Guinness record of the world's largest chocolate bar with a huge celebration.

    The chocolate took three days to make with journalists and a Guinness adjudictor invited to the factory to see how all the ingredients were weighed and mixed together.

    The huge chocolate bar weighs four tonnes and 410 kilogrammes and is more than five metres long.

    After the weighing ceremony, the bar was unveiled and the official certificate recognizing the world record was given to the owner of "Grand Candy".

    "I think this event is absolutely incredible. I am so pleased to be here as well as delighted of being invited to Armenia. But also I just think that, you know, the chocolate bar is incredible. And I think the effort and the preparation that is gone on this chocolate bar is really phenomenal," said Elisabeth Smith, the Guiness Record Book adjudictor, concluding the end of a four-day visit to Yerevan,

    The bar was cut into pieces and distributed to people who came to witness the event.

    According to statistics, one Armenian eats 40 kilogramms of chocolate a year and it would take 107 years for someone to eat the giant chocolate bar.

    The previous record was held by Italy.