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    Central Ident Mock


    by CentralSouth

    This is a small Central ident mock I have made and been working on for the last three days.

    This is in 3D or the logo is. This mock is like one I worked on 3 or 4 years ago and is far better but it's still not 100% Perfect. I had a lot of problems just trying to get the cake ident into the software I use, as I find 3DS MAX to hard to use.

    I had a few problems with some part of the animation and is not quite how I want it but it will do.

    Please note, it is slower than 25FPS as the mock would of finished in about 3 seconds. Would of been a bit short plus you can see it better this way.

    I was going to use the central ident music but it was a bit short , so used the one you hear now. Not central music but I like it.

    People like tvmocks2010 are far better at this sort of thing, so not expecting to win awards. Lol :-)