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    Commonwealth Games Close on a High Note


    by NTDTelevision

    As the curtain closed on Thursday on the 12-day, $6 billion Commonwealth Games, host nation India is proud of its best ever showing in the sporting arena despite initial hiccups.

    The city, still hung over with the highs and lows of the Commonwealth Games gave the thumbs-up to the mega-sporting event.

    [Mahesh, University Student]: (English)
    "The closing ceremony was awesome. It was really stunning. We were expecting the thing but it was a little lazy and I was worried maybe in 12 days if something happened, that the helium balloon, if it may burst, but nothing happened. So, it was very good. All the things, which were there in the arena, were awesome. The performance by the students, the 2010 students, which they gave and also the martial arts performance was pretty good."

    Indians are proud that their country managed to pull off the event with pomp despite a series of initial mishaps.

    [Aadosh, Local Resident]: (English)
    "Closing ceremony was definitely great. So it was very exciting and overall the performance of the athletes has been very good. So, congratulations to them, they have done exceedingly well. Obviously there were some hiccups and problems, which the Delhiities (citizens of Delhi) had to face, which is natural when you hold an event of this magnitude. And I surely hope that sporting culture will come into the city and the country."