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    Pro abortion- Antiabortion myth10 - Fly to India for ...


    by niti99

    3 015 views Fly to India for safe affordable legal abortion Our Shared Responsibility One of the best-kept secrets of the pro-life and pro-choice movements is that the two movements ultimately overlap to the extent that they share the goal of reducing the number of abortions. They differ only with respect to degree and methodology. Unfortunately, politicians benefit more from having two polarized, angry movements than they do from having two less polarized, less angry movements. We live in a culture today where the decision not to have sex is seen as ridiculous. Abstinence is the default choice, and the pro-choice movement has an obligation to make it a socially acceptable choice. Likewise, the pro-life movement has been so tangled up in policy objectives that it has failed to actually reduce the number of abortions. The Future of Abortion Thirty years ago, the most effective forms of birth control--even if used correctly--were only 90% effective. Now, redundant prophylactics can reduce the odds of pregnancy to those of being struck by a meteor--and if those safeguards fail, the option of emergency contraception is available. Numerous advancements in birth control technology, such as the male birth control pill, are on the horizon within the next ten years--and can reduce unplanned pregnancies even more. The pro-life vs. pro-choice debate seems to be destined for a short lifespan. It is likely that abortion will largely disappear in this country during the 21st century--not because it has been banned, but simply because it has been rendered obsolete.