Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muraco-IC Title

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From MSG 7/30/83


Snuka showed me a lot of guts after he was piledriven on the floor. Then on top of that he was back suplexed into the ring which could have done further damage to the concussion. Then Muraco measures him the Asiatic Spike and drives the thumb right into the forehead. Just a devastating offensive flurry by Muraco after Snuka asorbed that piledriver on the floor. Kudos to Dick Kroll for keeping his cool out there. He could have called the match, but instead he allowed them to fight to a DQ because he was being mindful of the fans. Good consummate professional wrestling and officiating from both Snuka and Muraco and from referee Dick Kroll. Tough decisions require a tough referee who is going to be respectful of the fans and of the combatants competing.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
A piledriver on the hard wood floor in Madison Square Garden. No thick padding or mats to protect your head. Just head first right into the floor. You want to argue that its fake? DUH. We all know its fake. But you hata's put yourself in Mr. Snuka's position and see if you're walking around the locker room after the match is over with a concussion saying "Pro wrestling is fake". A piledriver on the hard floor with no mats will change that opinion in a hurry.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
This video should defy a lot of conventional logic that asserts that Gorilla Monsoon was at his best when he broadcasted with Heenan and Ventura. That's mainly true, but as this video demonstrates Monsoon was also a damn good solo commentator as well and could hang with the best of them before being prepared with Heenan and Ventura.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
I still maintain an avid interest in wrestling, but as a New Yorker and as a wrestling fan my heart will always be vested in watching old school wrestling from the Garden in these hallowed halls.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
Thank God Pat Patterson is not on commentary. Keep him in the back booking where he belongs and not near a microphone.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago