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    The Rose of Magdala

    Eny Arwen

    par Eny Arwen

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    The Rose of Magdala**ENY**
    *English Translation:
    Praying on the ground, hands on your knees
    You invokes Heavens and Being rejoined them
    Your eyes are still full of pictures of Anointed
    The One who loved you and you called Husband

    Mary of Magdala with mysterious smile
    You has known fear, thirst and sadness
    But your burning heart has never ceased
    To believe in his Love impressed in your flesh

    Who can guess the links uniting you
    To the great Carpenter running his ways
    Who can once understand of Union the magic
    Of two souls coming to testify Divine

    So great was your pain and cruel were the nails
    To your loving look focused on this Cross
    You’re bearing scars as the Beloved
    And your hands were joined in a final adieu

    Dark days of death, nights filled by sorrow
    And, as a golden beam, at last came the morning
    The promise carved in your tore heart
    Is revealed face to the rolled stone

    "Noli me tangere", has whispered the Lord
    But you had not to touch to believe
    You are since this day in Savior’s aura
    Delivering forever message of his Glory

    The Rose was nurtured by the scarlet nectar
    She has loved it to shelter the fruit
    Chalice has opened to give birth to the vine
    And allow the Son’s line, infinitely

    The secret is given, and its aim is going on
    Preserved from glances, Mary, the Rose, remains
    Eternal cup of Life, beloved by Holy One
    As an echo in me, I can hear your heart beats**