Museum launches exhibition on Hitler's influence

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A major Berlin museum has launched an exhibition that seeks to explore how Adolf Hitler won, and held on to, mass support among Germans for his Nazi regime.

Hitler and the Germans - Nation and Crime opens on Friday at the German Historical Museum and runs until February 6.

The collection of some 600 exhibits, along with 400 photos and posters, takes visitors chronologically through the life of the regime.

The exhibition juxtaposes artefacts such as Hitler busts and uniforms of Nazi organisations with footage of events such as the book-burning that were an emblematic step in Hitler's seizure of power.

It stresses the extent to which Nazi persecution of the Jews and others was conducted in full public view.

Germany has seen many exhibitions exploring the events of the Nazi era, but this one puts Hitler himself more squarely at the forefront.

It comes more than 75 years after the Nazis took control, as Germans increasingly look at Hitler not just as a one-dimensional tyrant, but as a man who enjoyed vast popularity before plunging the country into war.

Nearly three-quarters of the material comes from the museum's own extensive stores.