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    How to MindMap to Get Better Grades - MindMapping ...


    by paultelling

    147 views I am really excited about launching my first online product. How to Mindmap to Get Better Grades it is a ten video online course with all the tools, practice sheets and booklets to create awesome and powerful mindmaps that stimulate you creatively and help you learn smarter and wuicker. Retaining more information and having fun learning!!! YAY! IT embodies 5 years exploration and experience in mindmapping and graphic recording. To see who i am and what i do head to I Paul Telling want to TRANSFORM your documents, speeches or presentations into VISUALLY ENGAGING, CONCISE, UNIQUE communications that IMPRESS your audience and SAVE YOU time and money. Allowing YOU to spend MORE time doing business. With many years experience in visual thinking, graphic facilitation and design, I'm your ONE STOP SHOP for all your communication needs. Telling Sells! For more information go to To buy some of my work go to Follow me on twitter @paultelling Paul Telling, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Mind mapping, Illustration, Creative Arts, MindMapping course, study smarter, study skills, get better grades, get the best grades, mind map, tony buzan, spiral thinking, visual thinking, idea mapping, creative thinking, study tips,