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    Behind the Scenes: Donnie Jeffcoat 'Jason'


    by Camera_Obscura

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    Mike Darling
    hello, I am a fellow Web-series Producer and I noticed that your Hospital Location is the same one I am currently looking into for my own series called "Blood Lies"
    My question to you is did you receive a permit for this set or did you go gorilla and pass on through the obvious holes? You may email me if it is more comfortable and perhaps you can answer some more questions I may have.
    Your series is wonderful and made me jump three or more times in each episode, really well done. I had no idea you could do a short form Horror series so well. You may also want to check out my website at it is where a few of our series are being posted.
    My email is I look forward to hearing from you.
    By Mike Darling5 years ago