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    Thai Red Shirts Vow to Continue Protesting


    by NTDTelevision

    Thai red-shirt activists gathered outside a prison in Bangkok today to visit their detained leaders. The protesters' message was that they are still behind their leaders and will continue their peaceful protests.

    Outside a prison in Bangkok on Tuesday, activists placed roses on the ground at the entrance to the facility.

    [Vichien Sinthuprai, Red Shirt Representative]:
    "I am here to represent our brothers in the northeastern provinces, and to convey their message of concern to our 11 leaders who are detained here. We still give full support to our leaders and we are continuing our peaceful movement as we have been."

    Red-shirt activists have started gathering again after crippling demonstrations and bloody clashes with the military earlier this year.

    Eleven leaders of the red shirt movement have been detained since mid-May on charges of causing civil unrest and terrorism.

    Two prominent leaders are currently jailed with nine other red shirts.

    Other mainstream leaders have been granted bail.

    Thailand's political crisis broadly pits the mostly urban and rural working-class red shirts against supporters of the government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

    The protesters have demanded immediate elections which Abhisit is refusing to call until peace is restored.