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    Alaska, Sailing and Hot Rod Stickers


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    by stickergiant

    Hello I'm Izzy Fischer and welcome to StickerGiant. Did you know that StickerGiant prints custom stickers? We sell over 20,000 different stickers, fridge magnets, t-shirts, buttons and patches, but we also love to print custom stickers for cool people and companies all over the world... Salish Sea Expeditions, based in the American Northwest. It's a nonprofit organization established to provide opportunities for students to do real scientific research from the decks of a 61' sailing vessel on Puget Sound. Kids from grades 5 to 12 design the experiments, do the sampling, write the papers, and then publish their findings online. Over 6,000 middle and high school students, 1000 teachers and 100 schools have sailed with Salish Sea Expeditions since 1997. You just can’t stop StickerGiant from sponsoring great events! This time it’s Ignite Anchorage, one of the great series of Ignite conferences held all over the continent by dedicated volunteer staff. Every talk is five minutes and speakers have to keep up with the a slide projector set to auto-advance every fifteen seconds. Ignite talks can be about almost anything, as long as the speaker is passionate about their subject. Ignite Anchorage happens October 12th. Finally, do you like your cars loud, fast, and classic? StickerGiant printed great three-color stickers for H.A.M.B. Drag Racing. It's an annual event at the MoKan Drag Way in Ashbury, Missouri, near Joplin. H.A.M.B. Drag Racing is a “traditional pre-65 drag race” so all the cars are classic hot rods. Dragsters, gassers, rails, bikes, and stock cars roar down the quarter-mile in a setting straight out of the late 50’s. Lots of people consider it the best drag racing event in the country. I'm Izzy Fischer, thanks for watching and don't forget to tell a friend about StickerGiant.