Shocking video footage of carnage shown at inquest

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Shocking video footage of the carnage caused by one of the July 7 suicide bombers has been played at the inquests into deaths of the 52 people who died.

Forensic officers recorded evidence of the devastation caused to a Tube train when Shehzad Tanweer detonated his device a short distance from a station.

It showed how the improvised bomb ripped through the second carriage of the Circle line service travelling east from Liverpool Street to Aldgate.

Hugo Keith QC, for the inquest, said the first others knew of the blast at about 8.50am was a "muffled thud".

He said: "It is distressing in that this video shows the place where so many people tragically died.

"Great care has been taken and the material has been edited and re-edited to make sure you do not see any of the deceased."

Filmed at about 4pm on July 7, the silent footage showed blood and equipment left by the emergency services on the concourse and platforms at Aldgate.

The officer then descended into the tunnel and walked towards the train, which can be seen a short distance from the platform, with its rear lights lit.

As he approaches the train, debris, including glass and twisted metal, can be seen lying alongside the dirty track.

Standing alongside the second carriage, the set of double doors closest to the seat of the explosion has been completely ripped off and the floor is strewn with debris.