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    Johnny Knoxville attends NY premiere of Jackass 3D


    by ODN


    Jackass is back for a third helping, this time in 3D.

    The film's daredevil stars, Johnny Knoxville and Ehren McGhehy, goofed around on the red carpet at the movie's New York premiere and, according the Ehren, they had a lot of fun on set as always:

    "The movie's crazy. We have a lot of crazy stuff. I blew out my knee, broke my back, I ripped my tooth out, so it's classic Jackass."

    The movie, which has been adapted from MTV's popular extreme-stunt reality show is true-to-form with its human catapults, punches, slaps and pranks.

    Johnny Knoxville says the new 3D element is perfect for this type of movie:

    "I wish we would have shot the first two in 3D because I think Jackass is made for it. It puts you right in the middle of the pranks and the stunts. You're dodging and dealing with everything that we did and we took some of the most expensive cameras ever and we shot the dumbest things possible."

    Jackass 3D hit UK cinemas on November 5.