BICYCLE DAY Teaser trailer

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To escape the stress of everyday life, CHRIS and his two friends JAY and SIMON annually go camping deep into the Yorkshire countryside leaving their jobs, wives and children behind. This year CHRIS invites PAUL, his younger and troubled brother along for the trip hoping to form a stronger bond with his wayward sibling. Upon arrival the group set up camp and try to relax in their outdoor surroundings settling down in front of a warm fire. But soon they begin to notice an aggressive change in their usually mild mannered but tightly wound friend SIMON only to discover that his wife has had an affair. Shocked and sympathetic the group try to console their friend, but SIMON won’t hear of it and demands they enjoy their time away inviting them to drink a bottle of champagne in order to celebrate his new found freedom. They accept and indulge as SIMON insists they drink without him, but as darkness sets in SIMON reveals he has spiked the bottle with a concentrated dosage of lysergic acid, commonly known as L.S.D and from here begins a terrifying game playing on each mans’ fears and soon everyone of them are fighting to stay alive, hallucinating and in the middle of nowhere with no way of communication and no way out the groups grasp on reality suddenly comes crashing down and reveal a secret that will end in a vicious revenge...

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``hiih it is Very good ;)
By georgiajgy 4 years ago