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    Indonesian Batik Breaks New Record in Creation


    by NTDTelevision

    On the first anniversary since UNESCO awarded Indonesian batik as cultural heritage in 2009, young Indonesians create an exhibit of batik art in Jakarta's shopping center. The Indonesian World Record Museum honors the artists with a record breaking award.

    Various batik motifs from East and West Java Province adorn the lobby, car park, and pillars of the Batik Archipelago Shopping Center—"Thamrin City"—in Jakarta.

    30 students from the Inter Studi Design High School created the batik murals.

    The murals covering the shopping center's 11 pillars and 2 lobbies span a length of 250 meters.

    Creating the artworks involves huge amounts of art materials and 8 days, or 192 hours of hard work.

    [Bhisma Setia Diandra, Inter Studi Design High School]:
    "We faced a lot of difficulty because the batik motifs contain symmetric elements, so they are more difficult than normal murals. There are also many types of batik motifs which are more complicated than ordinary images."

    The Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) is awarding the students with a new Indonesian Record—'The Making of Batik Murals with the Longest Creation Time'.

    [Bhisma Setia Diandra, Inter Studi Design High School]:
    "I hope that through these record-breaking murals, Indonesian people can support the Batik Archipelago Shopping Center, and I also hope that more people can truly animate Indonesian batik by wearing it with great confidence."

    In October 2009, UNESCO deemed Indonesian batik motifs as being "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

    NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.