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    Learn Samba Drumming: The shakers samba Percussion


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    Sensational samba drumming performance with the shakers wing! See Definition below: The chocalho( shaker) is a type of two-handed shaker that is an aluminum frame of pratinelas set out like an abacus. The chocalho section, within the bateria, will often use some choreography in the same way as the tamborim section. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is an easy instrument to play, stamina and efficiency of movement are required here as it is played at or above head height. It contributes heavily to the "swing" of the bateria. There are chocalhos with two, three, four five and even six rows of jingles. There is not much of a difference in the sound of chocalhos based on the number of rows, but the larger number of rows, the stronger and more powerful the sound will become. This instrument appears more in the refrains of the samba, and there can be entire passages without being heard.