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EUROLITE Mobile TwinTop M-200

vor 7 Jahren437 views

Mobile light set
¨ Set consists of Eurolite LED KLS-200, Eurolite LED MAT-Bar, speaker system stand, Eurolite STV-3529 Adapter
¨ Combines LED flower effect and 4 LED spots
¨ 2 effects on one stand
¨ Very powerful thanks to a total of 364 LEDs
¨ Very room-filling
¨ Installation is a child play
¨ Can be assembled by one person in less than 5 minutes
¨ Space-saving and comfortable transportation
¨ Requires little space while operation
¨ Several possibilities for operation: auto mode, sound-to-light or completely via DMX
¨ Perfect for mobile DJs, bands, solo entertainers
¨ Delivery includes two carry bags for KLS and MAT-Bar
¨ Advantages of LED technology: long life of the LEDs, low power consumption, minimal heat emission, defacto maintenance free with brilliant light radiation