Rhys Ifans vs. The voodoo Mama

Marcos Kuhne

por Marcos Kuhne

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This laugh out loud comedy is a battle of the sexes at a ghetto bus stop, where a Voodoo Mama (Bilonda Mfunyi) destroys the family jewels of a sexual bully (Rhys Ifans) by using Voodoo Mama Hot sauce. All is at stake in this fun battle over his balls.
"Do you have the balls for it?"

Voodoo Mama Hot sauce is a Short film that plays off as a fake Advert starring Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill, Mr. Nice, Harry Potter) and Bilonda Mfunyi Tshiabu.


Voodoo Mama: Bilonda Mfunyi
Dirty Onlooker: Rhys Ifans

Directed and written by: Marcus Kuhne

Produced by: Forrest Rogers Ivan wood Marcus Kuhne

DOP: Christian Poveda

Art director: Massimo Perlini

Wardrobe: Marcus Kuhne Hanna Huglin

Hair and Make-up: Kay Childs

Focus Puller: Carlos Garcia

Grip: Guillermo Moreno

Colorist: Pablo Garcia

Editing: Isabelle Fournet Marcus Kuhne

Post effects: Shiny

Prod. assistants: Kiki Esteban Karim

Editing facilities: Cinética

Web consultant: Michael Hall


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