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    If he has made you feel like that, I'm not happy about that


    by james32_

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    Joanne, I have to agree with you. He really should have stepped up, and for me this was one of his lowest moments in the house. I totally get how Josie felt, and I'm fed up to the back teeth of people defending Sam and excusing his appalling behaviour. Had John behaved like that to any of the HMs, he'd have been thrown out of the house!
    By KarenScott6 years ago
    Josie needed John to do it off his own back not because of how she felt. i do believe John should have stepped up here because he always said Josie was more important to him than the programme and he was only still thier for her but when sam was targeting her, john said the viewers will love it and i have to admit that made me lose some respect for him. john did often contradict himself in the house, many times i heard him say to josie that he didnt make comments about people apperance but off the top of my head i can think of sunshines nose, corins boobs and even josie herself, calling her josie five chins. John was his own worst enemy sometimes in the house, i think when sam entered it was all downhill for john.
    By joanne198520106 years ago
    i honestly believe John should have stepped up here, Dave and Josie are the only two people that ALWAYS had his back in the house, and even though josie was telling him not to, when you love someone and someone else is hurting them you defend them no matter what, i think John is very naive sometimes when it comes to relationships. i have to admit i did lose respect for John when sam entered the house, he brought out johns worst side and in my eyes made him appear weaker somehow.
    By joanne198520106 years ago
    I think John was confused as to what to do during the whole Sam Pepper thing as Josie was sending out mixed signals. She didn't want John intervening but then kept brining up the fact that Andrew had her back and he didn't. I just think John saw that harnless, little kid side to him before most of us did and didn't want to pounce on him form the word go. I also think Josie couldn't let things go on occaisions when Sam, in his own way, was holding out an olive branch to her. I cant really blame her for that though as she was very hurt by the things he said. In the end i really do believe that John would always stand by her and fight her corner, no matter what.
    By 77annaMT6 years ago
    I think when Sam first went into the house he wanted to cause controversy so the public would keep him in, and he tried to ask the questions which he thought the public wanted answered. Unfortunately he took it too far and he targeted Josie relentlessly. Once he realised his plan made him unpopular within the house and nominations were looming he tried to backtrack a bit. I did enjoy watching him at times but in the early stages he wasn't very nice.
    By sheilababy6 years ago
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