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    It's the great Sam Pepper debate


    by james32_

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    i have to be honest and say i lost respect for john at this point, i felt like he said at many times his relationship with Josie was meant to go beyond the programme yet when he said the viewers will love sam, i thought your meant to love Josie and someones being horrible to her even if she says she doesnt want you to get involved, she does deep down. i think he should have grown a pair here.
    By joanne198520105 years ago
    Hey...atleast John James stuck up for Sammy when everyone there was completely going against him...and he looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model in this clip LOLZ
    But I do agree with Dave as well...well whatever atleast the pepperpot was entertaining...I think he was just joking around but sometimes took it too far, he doesn't really seem like a bad guy. But then again I don't know him! xxx
    By ilovejohnjames5 years ago
    Yeah, John you should have stepped up to the plate sooner. Just because he didn't hear Sammy say those things, he should have believed Josie, Sam usually always made sure John wasn't around when he was stirring it, He did the same with Corin & Josie on the day after the flood, Sam playing the victim. Don't understand why cos I know he really liked Josie,
    Keep these clips coming James, don't know what we'd do without you.
    By sbyres255 years ago
    i dont see how jose misunderstood, john didnt even hear the comments so back off john and jog on lol, john should have said to sam leave it off, love at 2.3o johns not impressed but thats wat sam was saying
    By marhearsyou5 years ago