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    Bernard Etté - La plus jolie femme de Madrid


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    Bernard Etté (1898-1973, né Bernhard Ette) was a German conductor and violinist. In 1923 he became the conductor of the Boston Club dance orchestra, performing in Berlin at the top locations, such as Femina, Excelsior, Adlon Bristol and played. With his orchestra, comprising musicians such as Franz Grothe, Dajos Béla, Paul Godwin, Billy Bartholomew and Otto Stenzel, he participated in one of the first radio broadcasts. In the 1930s and 1940s Bernard Etté led a great show orchestra. He took the risk of employing illegaly his banjo player Rudi Annex perform after its prohibition by the Reich Music Chamber. After 1945, he unsuccessfully attempted a new career in the USA. The chaos of war and Soviet occupation policies made Etté lose very much of his extensive possessions. His 1920s-early 1930s recordings are considered to be the best. As for this great, very rarely recorded tune, it was waxed in 1929.