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    uSwim, level 3, skill 6, teaching freestyle swimming


    by uSwim

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    Freestyle (front crawl)
    Making the transition from Beginner Freestyle to Olympic Freestyle is not hard. In this skill we will make sure our swimmer can do correct Catch-up (beginner), and then teach him/her to begin changing the arms so the stroke will begin to resemble the freestyle you see in the Olympics. Once your swimmer gets the basic action, we then provide you with drills that will refine the stroke, build stamina and increase strength. uSwim advocates the use of flippers as a tool. Flippers allow the swimmer to concentrate on arm technique because it improves the efficiency of each kick, helping to maintain momentum. Teachers should be careful children do not become dependent on flippers
    and lazy with their kicks.

    4 easy steps to Olympic freestyle:
    1. Catch-up
    2. Freestyle
    3. Flippers
    4. Training drills