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Kalamity (Thriller, R)
Copyright © 2010 Screen Media and Original 4 Releasing
In theaters: October 22nd, 2010

του Τζέιμς Χάουσλερ
με τους Νικ Σταλ, Τζόναθαν Τζάκσον, Μπο Γκάρετ, Αλόνα Ταλ, Ρόμπερτ Φόρστερ

Μετά από έναν πρόσφατο χωρισμό ο Μπίλι επιστρέφει στην πατρίδα του για να βρεί ότι δεν έχει απόλυτο δίκιο με τον καλύτερο φίλο του.

Director: James M. Hausler
Cast: Nick Stahl, Jonathan Jackson, Beau Garrett, Alona Tal, Robert Forster

Haunted by memories of his ex-girlfriend Alice (Beau Garrett), a heartbroken Billy (Nick Stahl) returns home to Northern Virginia seeking solace from old friends. But what he finds there is more disconcerting than comforting: his best friend Stanley (Jonathan Jackson) has become unstable, mysterious, and withdrawn from those around him. Billy teams up with another old friend, Stanley's roommate Christian (Christopher M. Clark), to find out what's going on, and as they probe Stanley's recent activities, their friend's behavior seems more and more bizarre and frightening. The discovery of blood-stained evidence among Stanley's possessions pulls them deeper into their friend's nightmare--and eventually leads to a violent confrontation that not everyone will survive.

Official Site: http://www.kalamitymovie.com
Run Time: 100 minutes

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