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    Obama's Red Jacket Nazi Youth Brigade

    Joe Gitgun

    by Joe Gitgun

    Is this what we can expect from our own 'National Citizen Service'?

    Here's what our government's own website has to say about it:
    ' National Citizen Service is a flagship initiative supporting the Government’s vision for building the Big Society. NCS will act as a gateway to the Big Society for many young people, by supporting them to develop the skills and attitudes they need to get more engaged with their communities and become active and responsible citizens.'
    NOTICE HOW IT IS ALL ABOUT GETTING THEM INTO CAMERON'S 'BIG SOCIETY', which is actually NOT his idea, but a seperate organisation funded by stealing money from dormant bank accounts - go find it yourself on the internet.
    Just a modern-day version of Hitler Youth- both in America AND shortly here in the UK.