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    Palestinian boy 'run over by Israeli settler'


    by ODN

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    Tensions are running high in East Jerusalem after a young Palestinian boy was hit by a car thought to be driven by an Israeli.

    The young Palestinian boy was believed to have been only slightly injured after being hit by the car, while with a group of other youths believed to have been throwing stones at Israeli vehicles.

    Video footage from the scene showed the car, reportedly driven by an Israeli, approaching the group of Palestinian boys on the street as a few of them moved towards it holding stones, with their hands raised as if about to throw them.

    The video showed the car colliding with the boys, hitting one boy on the side and another full on with the front of car, flinging him into the air.

    The car then drove on as other boys threw stones at it from behind, breaking its windows. The car was driven by the head of a settler organisation that buys up property for Jews in Silwan, Israeli media reported.

    Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said he could not identify the man but said the driver was being questioned.

    Friday's tensions came after Israeli troops killed two senior Hamas members in an early-morning raid in the West Bank city of Hebron.