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    "Beyond The Craft" Testimonials

    Jim Jermanok

    by Jim Jermanok

    Recent students give their frank opinions about the "Beyond the Craft" workshop.

    The Jermanok Brothers are delighted to present their creative career workshop BEYOND THE CRAFT: How to Be Proactive and Take Charge of Your Creative Career in Portland, ME; Boston, Providence, New Bedford, MA; and Stamford, CT in October.

    This three-hour life-changing workshop is for all aspiring and working creative professionals who want to improve their careers: actors, authors, journalists, screenwriters, directors, filmmakers, producers, musicians, singers, comedians, composers, and artists.

    Jim Jermanok, a former ICM Agent and award-winning writer, director, and producer of feature films will be joined by his brother, Steve, one of the most prolific travel writers in America, having written more than 150 articles just for the Boston Globe.

    For further information and to purchase tickets, please visit