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    Seven jailed for helicopter heist


    by ODN


    Seven men who helped carry out a spectacular robbery using a stolen helicopter have been jailed.

    The man who piloted the chopper and another man who broke into the cash depot in the Swedish capital Stockholm both received prison sentences of seven years.

    Another four were sentenced for being accomplices, and one for protecting a criminal.

    Surveillance footage showed the robbers in action, using chainsaws and explosives to access the building, and helping themselves to more than £3 million worth of Swedish currency.

    Less than half an hour later, the robbers loaded the loot into the helicopter and took off.

    Police found that the robbers had laid meticulous plans to help their escape - blocking roads around the facility and even sabotaging police helicopters.

    The authorities say at least seven others were involved but have not been convicted. Only a small amount of the stolen cash has been recovered.