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    Fine then go to sleep then, I don't care


    by james32_

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    this was day 63 and they have a proper snog josie tells jo about it later. I watched it on Live Feed
    By lorweir5 years ago
    That is sooo the snog josie told Jo about ;)
    By emii_babes6 years ago
    yes this is the day that she tells jo that john snogged her!! i remember watching it on LF its the first day of the task and jo and josie lose so have to change in to jockeys and she tells jo in the bathroom when john and jj are called to the diary room, its also the day that josie gets upset by what john says about his dad! this is also the day that john is seen up early first thing in the morning walking around then sitting in the bathroom on his own the vid is on here somewhere.
    By justinestrou6 years ago
    This is not the snog josie was on about if u can remember josie wasnt a horse @ the time
    By danni3lla6 years ago
    lol I couldnt deside how how earth did they get in the horses head to chat, then it went to the bed
    By kitcats6 years ago
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