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    Doubts over Wen Jiabao's Political Reform Talk


    by NTDTelevision

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has been publicly advocating political reform in recent weeks. His latest comments aired in an interview with CNN on Sunday. But his words have not drummed up hope of real reform, as many believe those with vested interest in the ruling Communist Party are resistant to change.

    During an interview with CNN that aired on Sunday night, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao raised the need for political reform in China, saying (quote) "the people's wishes and need for democracy and freedom are irresistible." It's the sixth time since August that Wen has brought up the issue.

    Despite Wen's rhetoric, many analysts doubt it will lead to significant changes within the ruling Chinese Communist Party. After a similar call by Wen in August, the Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong based Open Magazine Jin Zhong told Voice of America, those with vested interest in the party are resistant to change.

    [Jin Zhong, Editor-in-Chief, Open Magazine]:
    "China's political reform does not depend entirely on Wen Jiabao. More importantly, Hu Jiatao and the [regime's] Politiburo Standing Committee, many of them are conservatives. The resistance from higher ranks is very big, so Wen Jiabao can only give out empty words."

    Wen's talk of political reform is also doubted because of state-run media censorship. On September 22nd he told overseas Chinese media in New York the importance of political reform, but state-run Xinhua News Agency's coverage left his comment out.



    Wen has just two years left in his term, and many doubt he would be able to lead any significant change within the Chinese regime.

    During the Chinese Communist Party's 61 years of dictatorship rule over China, some within the party's leadership have advocated political reform. But these individuals, like Liu Shaoqi, Hu Yaobang, and Zhao Ziyang, have all failed and been punished for their efforts.