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    Mark Ouimet Michigan State Representative 52nd District


    by MarkOuimet1

    VOTE FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS!! Starting your own business is a challenging task, especially as a female in a male-dominated industry. Mark Ouimet has been a supporter of our local business and an advocate for women entrepreneurs, and is exactly the kind of person we need in Lansing. In my opinion, a vote for Mark is a vote small business and a vote for women in business. Marisa B. Smith Whole Brain Group Ann Arbor

    TRULY SERVING HIS COMMUNITY!!! Mark embodies the true spirit of “servant leader,” he is always available, dedicated and committed to truly serving his community. Mark not only could be, but is a role model to peers and associates who want to know what public servant means. A family man with a good sense of humor and a pleasant disposition, Mark is the kind of guy you want on your team. When the bat gets tossed in the air and hand goes over fist to decide who gets to choose first, Mark Ouimet is my first and only choice to be our next leader in the State House. Deb Mozurkew