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    Rue Madame - Blurry version - Cartoon


    με Kostis

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    I met you at Rue Madame
    the night I landed a Paris
    the night was long and you were young
    you had the whole world in your hand

    you ordered a glass of wine
    you looked at me and I was fine
    you asked me where I came from / "where do you come from?"
    I said "in a dream with you, madame, I was born"

    you set me in motion
    in daily motion
    you know you 've got a way
    your smile makes my day
    the world 's in motion
    in daily motion
    just when I see your eyes
    the sun begins to rise

    I found a heaven in your place
    like the island years of Waits
    lying down together on the floor
    we saw our happiness above

    but now I am here in Greece alone
    my only friend your vin de Bon
    where every drop leads back to you
    I wish I was Marie with you

    you set me in motion
    in daily motion