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    Taste Buds #236: Ya Der Hey, Cheeries in Da Yoopers


    by channelsnap

    This week Erik and Romey are joined by John Schneider from Black Frox Brewing as they down one of the most buzzed about beers at the 2010 GABF - made by Duane Lujan and Nick Hilborn from Rocky Mountain Brewery in Colorado Springs. If you like fruit pies, RMB's lineup of brews will knock your socks off!

    We respect beer too much to judge it. Every beer has its place and time. But we know that wading through the deluge of craft brews can be intimidating... even dangerous. That's why we've created the "Rapid Classification System," a simple yet powerful tool that will help you navigate the beerscape. The RCS takes the fear out of beer tasting by showing you exactly how rough it will be on your palate. The Rapid Classification System on Taste Buds... another great innovation from the muddled minds at Beer Tap TV!

    Check out for an HD version of this episode, plus more details on this beer and our classification system!