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    'I Like It On' Facebook Status Campaign Goes Viral


    by NatachaAdjovi

    Click Here To Join Facebook Group: A new trend has gone viral all over Facebook the last few days. The trend was created in order to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Millions of women across the planet have been updating their profiles with the phrases starting by “I like it” and end by words like Floor, desk, couch. e.g: I like it on the floor I like it on the desk I like it on the couch But after the updates starting raising eyebrows across the internet, it was revealed that it is about the locations were women place their handbags. Another great example of how the power of Social Media to drive Social Good and the precious value of Facebook to give us the power to create a better future. i like it on the floor, i like it on the, i like it on, i like it on the floor facebook status, i like it facebook status